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Here are the stories of a great public university.
The people who built it. The place where it grew.
The minds it set in motion.
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A Public University

  • Earth Day Eve

    How a handful of Michigan grad students launched the modern movement to save the Earth.

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  • Two Against Football

    In 1925, two lonely rebels said no to the formidable Fielding Yost—a contest of ideas that still echoes today.

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  • The Warrior Scholar

    How a tough son of the Bronx grew up to fight for the rights of the accused.

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Teacher and Student

  • Doctor Dock

    Michigan's first full-time professor of medicine was one of its greatest.

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  • Doc Losh

    A pioneer woman astronomer reigned for decades as Michigan’s superfan.

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  • Revelli: The Long Note

    William D. Revelli did more than transform the Michigan Marching Band. His unyielding drive for perfection changed conducting, performing and music education across the country.

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  • Vulcan's Muddy Light

    James Craig Watson was certain he had discovered Vulcan, a mysterious planet believed to hover between Mercury and the sun.

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  • Blinded By Science

    A story of one professor's fate and focus.

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  • River Rat

    When a pioneering botany professor set out to explore specimens along the Colorado River, she made discoveries of a different sort.

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The Students' World

  • First in Class

    In the race of his life, Michigan senior Val Johnson made history as a black student.

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  • The Great Rush

    In 1872, the Medics met the Lits in a classic example of the warfare known as "the rush."

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  • "Lonely As Hell"

    In a forgotten series of interviews, black Michigan athletes of the past recalled times when racial lines in sports were firm—then faded.

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A Campus Grows

  • Campus Characters

    Since long before Shakey Jake, distinctive figures have put their stamp on Michigan.

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  • The War of 1817

    A battle over U-M's founding date added 20 years to the University's life.

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  • Just Nuts

    The ubiquitous squirrel and its timeless hold on the campus imagination.

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