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The people who built it. The place where it grew.
The minds it set in motion.
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A Public University

  • The Warrior Scholar

    How a tough son of the Bronx grew up to fight for the rights of the accused.

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  • The 1913 Lectern

    Through a century, the beautifully carved gift of the Class of 1913 has symbolized the University's role as a democratic forum, a place where society's challenges are debated and struggled over.

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Teacher and Student

  • "Our Miss Sheldon"

    A star student in Michigan's first generation of women searches for her calling and comes of age in the "dangerous experiment" of coeducation.

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  • The First Women

    A 1924 survey of Michigan's early "co-eds" reveals what life was like for a generation of pioneers.

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  • River Rat

    When a pioneering botany professor set out to explore specimens along the Colorado River, she made discoveries of a different sort.

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  • Such Horrible Business

    The study of anatomy demands human specimens, but public opinion recoiled. The result was a steady commerce in cadavers, better known as grave-robbing.

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  • “A Creation of My Own”

    Michigan's founding president fights a demagogue in pursuit of a new kind of university.

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The Students' World

  • Depression Generation

    What was it like to go through Michigan in the desperate years of the Great Depression?

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  • The End of 'Hours'

    In 1967-68, the rules of sex-segregated dorm life came tumbling down, and students entered a new era of freedom.

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  • Madonna Slept Here

    Today’s dorm room was yesterday’s home for James Earl Jones, Gilda Radner, Sanjay Gupta and other notable alumni. A tour of campus housing points out who lived where before achieving fame.

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A Campus Grows

  • A Different Diag

    If not for the influence of eager land developers, Michigan's campus might have looked out over the Huron River.

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  • The Lost Campus

    The campus is haunted by landmarks, vistas and views now buried under the avalanche of time.

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  • Revelli: The Long Note

    William D. Revelli did more than transform the Michigan Marching Band. His unyielding drive for perfection changed conducting, performing and music education across the country.

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